How to Support Your Child’s Development at Home

Your child doesn’t only grow and develop in a child care center or program. You as a parent are your child’s best teacher, and your home is one of the best places for your child to learn! But don’t stress–simple learning activities such as reading to your child before bedtime or playing with toys during bathtime are helping your child learn and grow. Just remember, your child learns through play! 


Below are great resources to help you turn your home into a high quality early learning environment, but you can always ask your child’s teacher or early learning program for activities that you can do at home. 

Parents & Families

I’m a Parent/Guardian. How Does Quality Matters Benefit Me?

Parents/Guardians, we know how important it is to you that your child is happy, healthy, and learning. We also know that choosing quality care is a big decision! In the first years, when your child is growing and learning so much, you want him or her to be with caring, nurturing teachers who support your child’s development during this important time. 

Quality Matters Monterey County supports your choice by providing parents with the tools and resources you need to make an informed decision about where your child spends his or her earliest years. Quality Matters provides professional development and rates programs on a variety of areas, such as how developmentally appropriate the learning experiences and materials are. Using Quality Matters ratings can help you find the quality early learning program that best fits you and your child’s needs. 


When a program or educator tells you that they are participating in Quality Matters, know that their participation is completely voluntary! All of the educators and programs enrolled in Quality Matters are committed to providing your child with the best care and early learning experiences possible. In addition, participation in Quality Matters provides programs and educators with resources, trainings, and professional development opportunities—all of which support them in continuously improving the quality of their program. 


Want to learn more about Quality Matters? Visit our About page.

Choosing Quality Child Care

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What does a high quality early learning environment look like? Here are some things to look out for when choosing a quality early learning program for your child.3

  • Constant attention to children’s safety and well-being. 

  • Small class or group sizes, allowing children to have rich interactions with their teacher or caregiver and get the individualized attention they need. 

  • Regular opportunities for parent involvement, allowing for the development of strong partnerships between parents, educators, and the program. 

  • Learning experiences and materials that are not only age and developmentally appropriate, but are also respectful of all cultures and backgrounds. 

  • Educated teachers and caregivers that have formal education and training as early childhood professionals. 

Quality Matters Rated Sites

Click here to see the centers and family care educators who have participated

in Quality Matters and are committed towards excellence in quality.



Here are some other resources to help you when looking for quality child care:

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