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Growing With Gratitude

As we reflect during this Thanksgiving season, we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to many Quality Matters Early Care and Education Educators who care and educate our most precious resource, “Our Monterey County Children ages 0-5.” The children are being cared for by educators who genuinely connect with the children. Effective teacher-child interactions that are warm and stimulating are a key component of quality in early care settings. Research suggests that these types of interactions provide a foundation for young children’s cognitive and social-emotional development[1]. Their commitment and dedication to the children and parents are demonstrated in their interest to deepen their learning by taking the opportunity to become a Quality Matters site, and continually strengthening their practices.

Thank you for making a significant difference in the life of a child that has lasting effects on their growth and development!

[1] Sroufe, L. A., Coffino, B., & Carlson, E. A. (2010). Conceptualizing the role of early experience: Lessons from the Minnesota longitudinal study. Developmental Review, 30(1), 36-51.

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